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"Can't Believe It's Not Meat" modern & flavorful To-Go Flexitarian, transitioning vegetarian, restaurant you’ll be sure to love! We want to make transitioning into a plant based diet as easy as possible by making healthier versions of your favourite dishes.

A person who is transitioning in to a vegetarian/ vegan diet



Laricia Chanlder Baker( Chef Fab) is an American entrepreneur , businesswoman , socialite , and chef. A self-taught fashion designer and self-taught chef , she was born and raised in Chicago. She went through Chicago's public school system and graduated from Hyde Park. She worked a variety of jobs after graduation .

Laricia first gained business success as the owner and founder of Epitome boutique in 2012. Which has featured her designs on Love & Hip Hop New York,Black ink Chicago, many top models, Artist Videos, as well as the everyday man and woman.Self-taught Chef Fab became a Flexitarian and started creating unique meatless dishes and decided to open a restaurant called Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat in Hyde Park in 2019. There she shares her food knowledge on vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian items.

Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat has more than 17,000 followers in less than a year.Owner, Chef Fab popular eatery menu items appeal to both meat and plant-based eaters. The menu includes a tasty, creative twist on the iconic Philly Cheesesteak made with "beef-less" protein, a drizzled "Who Betta" Double Vegan/Dairy Cheese Burger, and vegan smoothies and shakes with flavors like "the Cookie Monster," made with America's favorite cookies, Oreos.The Chicago Hyde Park Vegan food phenomenon is the talk of the country when it comes to their unmatched unique menu selections, delicious food, and customer service.

CBINM isn't creating a healthier lifestyle for just Chicago only, people travel from all over the world to taste the unique dishes that CBINM has to offer. CBINM has made headlines and has been praised as one of the most visited Chicago's must-see eateries.